Blackbox - the Installation

Blackbox is an interactive installation, which deals with the topic of the virtual space as a misinterpreted place of intimacy and of personal encounters. The Blackbox is a a cubic structure covered in gauze and big enough for one person to enter and move inside. It is equipped with various tools. One visitor can enter this room and send messages through movement and action to the other visitors outside the box. But not only the "sender" himself decides which information reaches the outside. Also the box seems to develop bit by bit life of it's own.

With the installation Blackbox the guinea pig collective creates a critical view on new media communication and poses the question in how far they are beneficial to us and wether we ascribe a disproportional importance in our social exchange with our surrounding to them.

Blackbox - the installation was considered with the Podium09 prize - support for emerging young artists and will serve as a point of departure for the performance Blackbox which is currently in creation and will premier within the festival Basics 2010 in the ARGEkultur in Salzburg / AT in March 2010.

Idea / concept / creation: Dietmar Suoch, Iris Heitzinger, Christine Hinterkörner

Year of production: 2009 © the guinea pig collective


Showing of the installation Blackbox in November 2009 during the tanz_house Herbst 2009 festival in the ARGEkultur Salzburg:

Blackbox - the installation - first showing from didito on Vimeo.


Supported by

Kultur Land Salzburg HYPO Oberösterreich tanz_house ARGE Kultur Salzburg

Thanks to

Cornelia Anhaus
Marie Hoppe
Editta Braun
Ingrid Weichselbaumer
Hans Schobersberger
Hubert Schwaiger
Ing. Norbert Gruber from GVI Vertriebssystem for the Audio Setup
Michael Haider
Ingo Randolf
the openFrameworks, Arduino, Processing, OpenGL, SFML and Mac communities!
Monika, Alexander and Volker Suoch
Christine and Gerhard Heitzinger


last update: 10.06.2010